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Project | Dead End Alley VR

Dead End Alley VR was designed as an installation piece for gaming exhibitions, to attract gamers to buy the touch-screen version of Dead End Alley, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

The VR version featured a full 3D environment, and users had use of a custom-made chainsaw peripheral to fight off hoardes of zombies. A slightly less ‘serious game’, but a definite attraction for when you really need to stand out from the crowd.

  • Dead End Alley Virtual Reality Booth
  • Dead End Alley Virtual Reality Booth
  • Dead End Alley Virtual Reality Game Graphics
  • Dead End Alley Virtual Reality Game Graphics

The Challenges

  • Input Methods: Taking a touch-screen game to VR, and creating the right mood, required Stirfire to get inventive with input methods. We eventually settled on a modified chainsaw toy, with trigger sensors, rumble-packs and pneumatic rams installed. Kinect sensors were used to translate the players’ movements into the game.
  • Budget: Budget was always a challenge on this project, to deliver maximum impact on the client’s conservative budget.

The Solution

Stirfire Studios provided an immersive experience enjoyed by hundreds of show goers at exhibitions around the country. The experience was enhanced by the impact of the VR and the use of an input device that not only gave gave feedback, but looked and felt like part of the game. Players were then given a flyer to buy the touch-screen version of the game.


The Virtual Reality attracted large numbers to the Stirfire stall, and subsequently increased game sales. The use of the cartoonish chainsaw, and additional screens to allow the gameplay to be seen by other customers, resulted in large amounts of buzz on social media, as users posted images and video to their networks.