Who we are
Stirfire Studios was founded in late 2010 as a new “home” to support WA game developers and digital media professionals attempting to gain ground in emerging mediums including games, apps, iBooks and digital sandboxes.

We operate as a publisher, consultancy, coders-for-hire, digital-marketers and game-creatives. We have published two games, Orbeats and Gorilla Wars are currently in production with a second multi-platform release and will be commencing pre-production for a major release in July this year.

We also have several commercial projects running at any one time and partner with other organisations with a common goal.



    Transforming client ideas into tangible results. We can make that amazing concept a reality.


    Taking client products or prototypes to full commercial release. Putting the right developers and investors together.


    Project support and troubleshooting to mitigate any issues your business may experience.

Stirfire’s core team has a skills base covering sales and marketing, tech support, quality assurance and project management – all areas that many indie game developers find they need help with. Together, we can make sure your game cuts through and gets noticed in an oversaturated market.

Based in the mining and energy town of Perth, Western Australia, Stirfire is more interested in human resources than mineral ones, and reservoirs of talent rather than fossil fuels. The exciting part is that there are plenty of relationships to be made between investors who know innovation when they see it, and experienced developers who have the skills and knowledge to make great games. So if you’re sitting at your boring day job, dreaming about that iPad game you just know will be the next big thing, we probably want to talk to you. Or if you’re an investor who sees the wisdom of diversifying into mobile technology, get in touch.

Of course, app development goes far beyond games, and Stirfire has the resources to develop just about anything for a mobile platform. If you have an idea for “an app for that”, we are happy to meet with you about it.



Garth Pendergrast


Garth has years of experience working in sales and marketing in the field of telecommunications. He knows mobile technology, and he knows how to close a sale.
His drive and enthusiasm is bringing indie developers into the fold at Stirfire Studios and helping them secure investment and taking them to the market.

Lisa Evans

Director and Technical Artist

Lisa Evans has worked in 3D computer graphics in animation since 2003, combining her strong technical background provided by a degree in physics with her passion for visual arts. She has worked on computer games as an animator and technical artist, and also as a 3d graphics all-rounder on projects for film, TV, advertising, education and visualisation. She has lectured in 3D animation.

Brendan Ragan

Chief Information Technologist

Brendan has over two decades of IT Administration experience, and almost as much supporting digital projects, from computer generated imagery through to game development.
He has worked on iOS since December 2009 with specific experience in the design, implementation and operation of client/server code and infrastructure.

Felix Kin On Wai

Producer and Project Manager

Felix has a passion for process. He started his career in Quality Assurance at Krome Studios before moving to Interzone Games where he was promoted to Producer. He has managed teams ranging from a few members to more than 100 members.
His knowledge of Agile and Scrum best practices have ensured that project deadlines and milestones have been met and that the development process is as smooth as possible.

Maya Kerr


Maya has three years iOS games development experience, from complex 3D sports simulations to small titles done on a tight budget.

Lisa Rye

Lead Artist and Game Designer

Lisa Rye is a concept artist and digital illustrator, with a passion for games and pop culture.
Living in Perth, Australia, Lisa was fortunate to be hired into a relatively large game company the year after she graduated. Following Interzone, Lisa became lead artist at Different Methods where she discovered tools allowing her to develop her own indie game. Freedom Fall was born.
It attracted the interest of Stirfire and Lisa leapt at the chance to take her personal project commercial.


Got a fantastic game idea  that you want to see made? Get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat to discuss your requirements. Got an idea for a commercial project? Get in touch with us and lets have a chat to discuss your project requirements!